EVERYGREEN Blonde Shampoo 500ml

EVERYGREEN Blonde Shampoo 500ml


EVERYGREEN Blonde Shampoo 500ml

AMINO ACIDS MIX, LEMON ESSENTIAL OIL, WHEAT GERM OIL * (* ORGANICALLY FARMED). Neutralises yellowish shades on blonde, white, grey and bleached hair, hair with highlights or coloured with superlightening shades. It softens and nourishes the hair fibre, giving back its shine and a natural effect. Formulated with a double concentration of coloured pigments, it effectively emphasises the cold and grey tones of the hair besides neutralising unwanted yellowish shades. Ideal as a toner after bleach treatment. Silver to purple shades in varying intensity, depending on the type of bleach, the porosity of the hair and setting time.



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